Whether it’s a single-city booking or a multi-destination trip we are able to provide a customised solution to fit any budget.

Working in consultation with our clients our experienced sales staff can explore a large database of travel components in order to ensure that no detail is missed. Our commitment to maintaining an efficient relationship with our partners/clients guarantees that they are able to take advantage of:

  • Extensive hotel inventory and travel products
  • Fast, competitive quotations
  • Innovative, well-crafted itineraries
  • Personal service
  • Detailed operational procedure
  • Expert consultation
  • Wide network of affiliated Miki Travel offices across Europe to provide support

With our 40 years of experience our aim is always to provide the most competitive prices whether our customers are looking for a low-budget tour or VIP services. Some of our clients offer series tours which we handle expertly, bearing the strain of the operational process and offering advice throughout. Similarly developing custom-made, one-off itineraries is another speciality. With experience in the demands of all markets allied to our extensive range of products we offer our clients an unequalled service. 

As a silent partner we are able to allow our clients to brand all itineraries as their own subject to Miki Booking Terms and Conditions of Use. Miki fulfils the perfect wholesaler role and passengers need never know that we are the ground service provider. By always referring to the group by the chosen lead name rather than as a Miki Travel group discretion is assured.